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General Ship Repairs

Ship General Repairs

Piping Works

Steel Works

Machining Works



The company “Ergonaftiki Ltd.” undertakes the design, construction and installation of all pipe networks as well as the partial or total replacement of them.



Our company undertakes configuration and welding of plates concerning the construction, retrofitting of any part of a ship.



The company “Ergonaftiki Ltd.” undertakes machining & repair works by experienced and specialized craftsmen.

General Ship Repairs – Ergonaftiki Ltd.


Our company “Ergonaftiki Ltd” undertakes ship repairs, machining, and especially steel and piping works.

We provide our customers with high quality services, fully meeting their expectations and delivering their projects within the timeframe.

Our customers trust the company “Ergonaftiki Ltd”, for our professionalism and integrity.

Below you will see a small list of our clients: