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The company Ergonaftiki Ltd. was founded in 1973 by Vasilis Kokkinos.

In 1978, it was renamed to “J. Kokkinos Brothers” with the accession of Georgios Kokkinos, and in 1989 it was transformed into its present form “Shipyards Ergonaftiki Ltd.

Since its inception, the company has been active in the field of passenger and marine seafarers (RO-RO-PASSENGERS, RO-PAX, RO-RO CARGO TRUCKS, LPG TANKS) in iron, aluminum, inox and refractory with years of knowledge and experience.

It undertakes all kinds of steel, piping, machining and general ship repairs, modifications and welding of plates concerning the construction, retrofitting or repair of any part of a ship while at the same time part of the company is active in the industrial area by undertaking metal constructions of all kinds.

The work is carried out by experienced and technically trained personnel with certificates of work on welding.

All consumables used ( metal plates, tubes, precision tubes, wires, electrodes) are always accompanied by certificates from approved bodies (Lloyd, Rina, Bureau) and others.

The technical capabilities of “Ergonaftiki Ltd.” are continuously upgraded following the new market trends.

With the goal of continuing its name and tradition, the company, with the help of the new generation, is constantly trying to provide better services, always within a timetable.